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Tile Floors

A beautiful mosaic makes a simple entryway into a gorgeous welcoming space.

Tile floors, like their uses, range widely in style and look. From intricate mosaics that require hours to piece together and which create a stunning look for your business foyer, to simple bathroom tiling that keeps your floors from being ruined by water, we do it all!

The same skills and attention we put into a several thousand dollar mosaic, we put into your simple white tile apartment bathroom. Why? Because every customer deserves the best tiling job we can give them.

Part of that attention to detail employing techniques which allow us to level and create a unified surface for you new tile floor to be created on. While these are ‘background’ steps that aren’t readily visible in the finished floor, they are what allow you to enjoy your new tile for a lifetime instead of a matter of years.

Here you can see the 'sandwich' look that a properly mudset floor has - thin set & crack deterrent, mud set, thin set and then tile.

Our most commonly used technique is called a “Mud Set.” We like to use this process because it provides you with a more level surface, and allows us to compensate in older homes for the subtle shifting houses do over time.

When create a mud set floor, we start by laying a protective barrier wherever there are any cracks or problems with the foundation.

Repairing a large crack with a strong membrane.

These barriers vary in both cost and type, depending on the condition of the subfloor, however they help us to create a floor that is more resistant to cracking and shifting as the years go by. ¬†Once we get your existing floor up, our experts will talk with you about the different options for this part of the process. In your initial tile floor estimate, we address this issue, but we can never know the full extent of what will be needed until we see the condition of the subfloor. This extra process costs more – there’s more labor, materials and skill involved in sealing and creating a barrier against cracks.

A severely cracked surface requires a unifying membrane such as this one.

Unfortunately, this is a process that is too often skipped by contractors trying to cut corners. This is bad news for the home owner, cracks that existed before the tile floors were laid will quickly reappear again in you new tile and there is nothing in the way to help abate new cracks. Your tile floors should last a lifetime, don’t cut corners or trust a contractor who does, just to save a buck on the front end – it will cost you much more later down the road.

Once the crack repair option is in place, we begin to lay your tile floors. We start with a thin-set layer. This material helps adhere the mud set to the existing subfloor, cement and/or crack repair.

Laying down the mud set material

Next, our skilled craftsmen lay down a thick layer of mud set material. This is then compacted and the tile position set up. If the tile needs to be cut to fit a corner (Or rounded stairwell as in this picture) it is done at this point. Creating a compacted mud set layer is what will later allow us to create a level and even surface. Our craftsmen know that the key to a beautiful floor is the skill with which they create the mud set layer, they work to get it perfect before they move on because once the tile is down one of the advantages (and disadvantages for the unskilled) is that it’s not moving again.

Our craftsmen use levels to make sure your tile floor will be perfect.

Once the mud set is in place, we begin to lay your tile floors. Again, we use a layer of thin set material to adhere the tile to the mud set layer. Once the new tile is in place, our exacting craftsmen use levels to make sure that each tile is perfectly in place and aligned with it’s neighbors before moving on to the next tile. This takes a bit longer, but the exact corner matches that we are able to achieve are the difference between our old world craftsmanship and skills and the average tile installation. For you, it comes out in the feeling of luxury that perfectly matched tiles gives – it’s no longer just a floor upgrade, it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

Now that's a tight corner!

In addition to the mud set technique, we employ a variety of other techniques when the situation doesn’t require this process. Upper floors, for instance, frequently don’t need or can’t handle this heavier installation. When we work with you to create a vision for the tile floors you want, we will discuss all the options available for your specific situation and help you understand and make a knowledgeable decision about how to proceed.

Note: Please be aware that by using a mud-set technique, we create a higher floor surface which can raise the floor from 1 to 1.5 inches.

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